Work and money

With the situation of been made redundant in your 50’s makes life very difficult especially when you don’t have any savings. To replace my existing job is virtually impossible, so I have had to make a few drastic changes, like start my own business which I have done, the problem is I am working a lot harder and longer hours for less money.

When you are younger you feel pretty invincible, strong fit and long lasting and if things don’t work out there is always tomorrow to do something else. I am starting to run out of tomorrow’s.

I have 10-15 years to finish paying my mortgage among other things.One of the worst debts that I have added to my list is three credit cards which I have had for many years, when you are earning good money and can pay everything at the end of the month you don’t really worry to much about the inevitable. I have suddenly realised that time is short and major action is required.

Need to cut down on unnecessary spending and become frugal with my money,( hope that is the right term to use)

Through out my younger days I have come across many instances on saving money prepare for older age investing etc, my late father in law taught me a few things on how to work with money, a very wise man, the problem is I have not followed through on his advice.

I guess I better start right now, not tomorrow.

Year 2015

As 2015 draws to a close. For me it has been a  year, as I was made redundant from my job at the end of 2014, I had enough money to survive for the most of 2015.

Finance was OK for the first part of the year.  The second half of the year I had to be a bit more careful with  my finance. I did however work part-time in a burger van at three markets in the South East of England for most of the year to subsidize the savings that I had. The amount of money that I earned part-time was a third of my wages from previous employment, I managed to add the other two-thirds of my wage from my savings to keep up on paying my bills.Unfortunately all good things come to an end and as I approach 2016 with very little cash I will have to work extra hard to get back to where I was a year ago.

During 2015 I did start my own  business called Amojo Designs, first started pressing personalised T-Shirts, and as the year progressed we expanded our variety of products from t-shirts to hoodies,zoodies,jackets,caps,beanies, flip-flops,mouse mats,coasters, coffee mugs as well as artwork and repro. Throughout the year the business has grown very slowly. I have not been able to draw a salary yet, all the money that has been made I have put back into the business. So the business is paying for itself. So as at the beginning of 2016 I have a fully functional business to expand and make living out of, all that has to be done is to triple the turnover from January easier said than done.


A day in Windsor

IMG_5649_Windsor CastleIMG_5693_edited-1IMG_5666_edited-1-1  IMG_5613_edited-1 IMG_5607_edited-1 IMG_5597_edited-1 IMG_5593_edited-1 IMG_5589_edited-1 IMG_5580_edited-3

A pleasant day spent in Windsor with no cloud and warm for a change in England.

It is one of the many places I love to visit, there is so much history,and all the architecture that you come across, and of course Windsor Castle itself. A random selection of photographs that I took on the day,unfortnightly the pic that I took of Eton Bridge I deleted by mistake.

Cheery smile

Cheery smile

This sign has been put up in front of a Catholic church on a grass bank that is about 30 m by about 3 m deep. All along the front is 1m high wall, which has  a collection of paintings various schools that have given to the church I guess, maybe a competition of sorts.

This sign is in front of the display which I find the way it is written very cool.



A building in my home town that is been demolished. They started the demolition in October 2014, it is now May 2015 and they still have not finished yet. I have seen buildings been demolished a lot faster in other parts of the world. Here in England they seem to have all the time in the world.

Camera club photo

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

This is a photogragh of a print that I took on a display which was stuck on a shop window displaying a variety of pics, taken by a camera club in my home town. There is about 30 + pictures in print on display. This pic is my favourite, I might put a few more pics up at a later date